Thursday, 29 October 2015

Literature search tips: HDAS de duping

This week's literature search tip comes from our Clinical Librarian, Sarah Sutton:

As the HDAS de duping isn’t working, you can either export your search results into reference management software and then dedupe in that (with the drawback that it takes out most of the nice links to full text etc that HDAS includes). Or my plan b. You copy your results onto the HDAS clipboard, then sort it by title (clipboard still lets you do that) and then whiz down the list selecting any duplicates and then remove them by clicking remove from clipboard. Make sure you set the results to not show the abstracts and to have 50 results per page, to make this a bit less appallingly boring at least. I don’t mind doing this for 250 results but more than that would involve me being very devoted to the clinician in question.

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