Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Run VT

According to HLWIKI encyclopedia, Clinical Librarian (CL) provides specialized library services in teaching hospitals and other health organisations by participating in clinical activities and hospital rounds with health providers. By working closely with assigned teams of clinicians, a clinical librarian can respond to information needs that arise in situ within the clinic. This makes them more 'clinic-driven' than 'library-driven'. Furthermore, Clinical Librarians facilitates access to the medical literature to answer the health professionals most-pressing clinical questions; as such, CLs perform, mediate and coach users through the search process and in locating the best medical evidence from the medical literature. Assistance can also extend to locating the full text of documents in print and electronic formats. 

The health education team in western Sussex has developed a You Tube video that further highlights the value of a clinical librarian. 

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