Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Deep web

I have only just got around to sorting out my bag of delights from the EAHIL workshop in Krakow, in September.

One presentation that particularly gripped me was all about Deep Web - the places Google doesn't reach! From this, I found a number of useful sites, some of which I'd heard of before, but none of which I'd made anywhere near enough use of.

Here's a quick rundown:

www.picsearch.com - a database for finding images, seems more useful than Google Image Search
http://friskr.com - ditto the above

Meta search engines
www.dogpile.com - searches across Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask all at once
http://clusty.com - A clustered search engine - it clusters the results it brings back by categories
www.mamma.com - similar to the above

Health meta search engines
www.medic8.com - can also browse index as well as search this one
www.webmd.com - health search engine
www.mammahealth.com - same stable as Mamma, but health related - seems very good indeed -try out the aspirin search!

Database search engines
www.completeplanet.com - searches for databases on a topic, and has a browse-able index
www.geniusfind.com - another index of databases categorised by topic.
I'll be adding all of these to my favourites & giving them a go in a real life search very soon.

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