Wednesday, 14 November 2007

New version of TRIP

I'm really quite excited about the new version of TRIP being launched. I use the database for almost every search I do, often as a scoping search, sometimes after having already searched the primary biomedical databases & Cochrane Library.

Here's what John Brassey has been saying on the TRIP blog:
  • Much improved search algorithm, more relevant results at the top and less 'noise'.
  • 26 specialist search engines. 26 today and more in the near future. These specialist search engines allow users to simultaneously search the core TRIP content plus the top 10-15 journals specific to that area. I see it as a bridge between users having to go from TRIP to the full, difficult to use Medline.
  • New content, we've added a load of web 2.0 content, wikis, podcasts and webcasts.
  • A trial of linking to UK-approved education. Today the UK but if the trial works we'll introduce education from around the world.
  • A new category 'More' to house the new content.
  • Ability to arrange results by relevance or by year.
  • We've removed the big google ads banner.

There's more, but those are the main improvements.

I think I'll be using TRIP even more in future!

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