Friday, 9 January 2015

Literature search tips - developing your search strategy using Cochrane Library

This week's literature search tip comes from our Clinical Librarian, Sarah Sutton:

If you are searching in a new area its always worth having a look at the Cochrane Library and seeing if any of your concepts are covered in the search strategy for a Cochrane Systematic Review. Possibly best to make a list of your own ideas first, and then add any you find in the Cochrane. As once you have seen the Cochrane list it may push some other useful ones out of your head.

You probably won’t find your whole PICO but you might find one tricky aspect like “sedentary behaviour”! So you can just use any  terms you think are good from that bit of the Cochrane search, to stimulate your thinking for your search strategy.

We hope you like today's tip! Stay tuned for more and please do share or pop your thoughts in the comments field below.

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