Thursday, 31 December 2015

Top tips on starting a blog

Would you like to start a blog for your library in the new year? It's a great way to promote your services and connect with fellow libraries and librarians around the world.

Setting up a blog needn't be daunting and Starr Sackstein's post on how she started is a very, encouraging read.

We also love this list by Cochrane on why blogging is good for sharing evidence and for those who like a wider read, check out this list of articles on science blogging at

Here are five top tips from us too!

1. Keep your layout simple, so that it is easy to navigate.
2. Always include an About and Contact page. These are two of the most popular pages as everyone wants to know what your blog is about and how to contact you.
3. Blog regularly to keep your readers coming back for more. A blogging schedule is an excellent way to manage this.
4. Blog posts needn't be an essay. In fact, shorter posts are more likely to be read.
5. Readers love links to external resources, so do include them as much as possible.

Happy blogging and don't forget to come say hi to us on Twitter too!

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