Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Access to Literature Searching MOOC is closing!

In September the Library and Information Network North West launched their 'Introduction to Literature Searching MOOC'

Participants can access free on line training that breaks down the literature searching process into manageable pieces.  The MOOC is designed for healthcare librarians rather than students or clinicians who want to learn how to literature search.  It is also intended to be useful to librarians that would like to set up a literature searching service.

From PICO to LQAF this MOOC is a valuable easy-to-digest resource with lots of practical activities to consolidate learning.

and a  blog https://lihnnmooc.wordpress.com/ 

The MOOC closes on 12th January 2016 but you can still register now and have a browse through all of the content.  Register here www.coursesites.com/s/_LIHNNMOOCLS

Thanks to Lisa Mclaren and Michelle Madden for providing us with this training resource

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