Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Twitter tips

  •  Remember to complete your Twitter profile. Not only does it allow people to find you through a keyword search but you are more likely to receive a follow back.
  • To find Twitter profiles in your profession, type in a phrase (e.g. "clinical librarian") into the search field. The results will default to "Top" results. Instead, select "Accounts" to view all those profiles that have your search term in.
  • To find fellow clinical librarians on Twitter, use those literature searching skills and try searching for the following terms:

           - clinical librarian
           - clinical medical librarian
           - health librarian
           - healthcare librarian
           - health sciences librarian
           - life science librarian
           - medical librarian
           - medicine librarian, 
           - NHS librarian
           - public health librarian

  • Switch the above term "librarian" for: library, information professional, informationist,  information specialist and so on.

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