Wednesday, 14 December 2016

UHL appears in the Altmetrics Top 100

Altmetrics is a way to measure impact of an article.  It counts the number of times an article is mentioned on social media, in the news, or on blogs.

The Altmetrics Top 100 is the list of the 100 articles that have got the most attention in 2016.

I am grateful to my colleague Selina Lock at the University of Leicester Library for spotting that number 22 in the list is a paper with a co-author from UHL, Roger Kockelbergh in Urology:

Hamdy, F.C., Donovan, J.L., Lane, J.A., Mason, M., Metcalfe, C., Holding, P., Davis, M., Peters, T.J., Turner, E.L., Martin, R.M., Oxley, J., Robinson, M., Staffurth, J., Walsh, E., Bollina, P., Catto, J., Doble, A., Doherty, A., Gillatt, D., Kockelbergh, R., Kynaston, H., Paul, A., Powell, P., Prescott, S., Rosario, D.J., Rowe, E. & Neal, D.E. 2016, "10-Year Outcomes after Monitoring, Surgery, or Radiotherapy for Localized Prostate Cancer", N Engl J Med, vol. 375, no. 15, pp. 1415-1424.

There is more about Altmetrics on our Writing Club blog.

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