Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Web resources about dialysis

It is easy to look for information on the web, but not always easy to find useful things.  The vast number of resources, and their variable quality, mean it is useful sometimes to have a list of selected resources, with notes.

For that reason, the Health Libraries Group Newsletter publishes an "Internet Sites of Interest" column, which (declaration of interest!) I edit.

The hope is that the column is a useful place for health librarians to start with new subject areas.   And also a useful thing to share with library users, whether students or practitioners. 

The latest column is a list of sites about dialysis, one of my clinical areas, so I was able to ask them for suggestions.  There are brief notes about each site, and a quick list of definitions. The column (and previous ones) is listed here.  

Please do use and share the list, with (of course) acknowledgement to the HLG Newsletter.

End of self promotion!

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