Thursday, 10 August 2017

Pre International Clinical Librarian Conference Meal Opportunity and optional Orientation Walk

Coming to the International Clinical Librarian Conference or thinking of coming?
Then join us for a pre-Conference meal and start that your networking super early. On Wednesday 20th of September, we will be going to Zizzi an Italian Restaurant on Belvoir Street in Leicester (for non Leicestershire people that’s pronounced Beaver! – weird but true). Just email if you are interested in joining us.

 We will be having a special set menu, with plenty of choices for £19.95.That way that everyone can have their own bill and we don’t have to hire a statistician to work out who had the deep fried camembert (that’s not on the menu, so sorry to fried cheese lovers amongst you).

The table(s) are booked for 7pm to allow those of you with jetlag to get to bed early and play catchup on your sleep. If anyone would like a city walking tour before the meal, meet Sarah at the restaurant at 6 pm and she will take you for a quick look at the highlights of Leicester’s City Centre. This walk is not suitable for those with mobility issues because of the time limitations, but those with such issues are welcome to contact Sarah for a slower paced tour earlier in the day.

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